Generate Creative Ideas


Workshop at First Parish in Lexington, Common Room

May 30, 7–8:30 PM

Jim Poage - Workshop Facilitator












This “Generate Creative Ideas” workshop will explore ways to generate ideas for creative endeavors in whatever medium you work. You will likely not just want ideas, but ideas that excite you and your audience. So, we will discuss how to heighten ideas so that they energize you and intrigue others. Exercises will allow experimenting with the approaches discussed.


Idea generation approaches will build on techniques from a variety of sources. For example, Leo Tolstoy says art is an infection. This may seem an unpleasant definition, but it can be interpreted positively: “Will an idea get under your audience’s skin to intrigue them and under your skin to energize you?” Another example will be drawn from Corey Mandell who coaches scriptwriters in Hollywood on techniques he calls the Impossibilizer and the Literalizer.

Tolstoy –

"Art is conveying one’s feelings to others, and then others experiencing them."

Sopranos – Corey Mandell’s Literalizer: Mother "literally" tries to kill son.

Edgar Allen Poe – The Raven:

Poe proceeded rationally step by step to create poem.

Many parishioners practice creative endeavors (as hobbies or vocations), such as writing, painting, craft-making, gardening, etc. Other parishioners perform design in their jobs, such as architects, device and app designers, researchers, etc. The workshop welcomes anyone who is interested in the creative process, including adults and teens.


Jim Poage will facilitate the workshop. Jim wrote Flair: Design Your Daily Work, Products, and Services to Energize Customers, Colleagues, and Audiences (Maven House Press, 2016) with his daughter Jennifer Poage who works in fashion design. We interviewed creatives, including a dance choreographer (Debra Abel whom many of you know), a Museum of Fine Arts curator, an architect, fashion design directors, and head of a tech User Experience Design firm.


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